When the amount of heat to be removed is big and the usage space is large;

When it is costly to install air conditioning system;

But you need to improve the working condition for labors during hot seasons or have to get rid of the overwhelming heat to ensure the poultry growth,

Evaporative cooling pads will be an alternative cooling system, both financially and environment friendly

By applying the basic principle of water evaporation taking away the heat and turned into vapor, the incoming air will be cooled down after travelling the “water curtain” which is formed by the evaporative cooling pads connected with water pipes and a small pump. While the hot air will be extracted out by the negative pressure fans installed on the opposite side of the wall. Evaporative cooling pads is able to cool the ambient temperature by 80% or above, the drier and less humid the original air, the more the temperature will be reduced.

How to choose and build the workable fans and pads cooling system?

Evaporative cooling system, also called pad-fan cooling system is a new and environment friendly cooling method which is widely applied in workshops and public buildings to bring in fresh air and bring down the ambient temperature in an economic way.

By combining the negative pressure fans and evaporative cooling pads and employing the basic principle of water evaporating bringing away heat, fresh cool air will be continuously coming in, therefore working conditions will be more comfortable.

How to choose and install the evaporative cooling pads and fans system?

  • First, to work out the total air volume needed by the targeted place and decide the numbers of fans.
  • Normally, every 4 to 5 square meters of cooling pads should be equipped with one set of ventilation exhaust fan.

When the end wall distance is between 30 to 70 meters, the best way is to install the evaporative cooling pads on one side of the end wall and the fans on the opposite end wall.

Where it is not possible to mount the cooling pads system on the end walls, people can consider to install on side walls. But in either case, the pads system shall be fixed on the windward direction of the house and the fans installed on the downwind from the house.