These non-power ventilation exhaust fans are amounted on the building roofs when it is not available to fix wall-mounted fans.

These fans run without motor power which are widely used in factories, warehouses, greenhouses, mine tunnel where ventilation and exhaust is required.

Features of non-power working roof exhaust fans

  • Environmental-friendly, no electricity power needed, no noise
  • Water-proof
  • Use fully enclosed ball and self-lubricating bearing which will rotate at wind speed even less than 3.2km/h
  • Dust proof and easy to clean
  • Zero maintenance
  • Blades ware made of stainless steel and long service life

Technical Parameters

Model Blades PiecesHeight (mm)Turbine Diameter (mm)Vent Diameter (mm)
RF 30024 blades330420300
RF 40026 blades390500400
RF 50032 blades480600500
RF 60032 blades600710600
RF 80042 blades660900800

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