Among a variety of ventilation exhaust fans, RFP fans also know as reinforced fiber plastic or fiber glass material are new developed fans which are popular especially in pig barns thanks to its better anti-corrosive performance and larger cooling volume.

RFP ventilation exhaust fans with high cooling performance are widely used in poultry house, pig farms, barns and various industrial workshops where lots of heat or odor need to be removed to improve the environment.

Air volume for livestock farms ranges from 5700 to 55800 m3/h to meet your need in different areas.

RFP cone fans uses PVC shutters, light in weight and no deformation.

Fiber and nylon blades are also available.

Technical Specifications

Model Blade Diameter(mm)Blades Rotation Speed(r/min)Volume (m3/h)Power(kw)Fans Dimensions (mm)
RFP 24″580860158000.55800*800*400
RFP 36″920650235000.751250*1250*620
RFP 50″1270620490001.11530*1530*610
RFP 54″1380600560001.51630*1630*610