Push pull fans are also known as box fans, negative pressure fans, which are widely applied as poultry ventilation fans and industrial ventilation exhaust fans.

Push pull ventilation fans are wall mounted fans which are composed of 6 pieces of stainless blades, 4 pieces of galvanized steel frames or stainless frames, shutters, push-pull opening system. Such fans are widely used in poultry breeding industry as well as industrial workshop ventilation thanks to its big air volume and anti corrosive performance. Box ventilations fans can be easily installed on the end walls with framed design.

The frames of livestock ventilation fans are hot galvanized steels which can stand corrosion in harsh environment. The 6 blades of poultry ventilation fans are stainless steel. There is automatic shutter system fixed on the fans which will open when the fans start working and close automatically when fans stop running to protect dust into fans.

Technical specifications of poultry house ventilation fans

Model Blade Diameter(mm)Motor Rotation Speed(r/min)Volume (m3/h)Power(kw)Dimensions (mm)
BFP 900 (36″)9001400220000.751000*1000*450
BFP1400 (56″)14001400558001.51530*1530*450

Application of industrial ventilation exhaust fans

  • Poultry breeding houses
  • Poultry broiler farms
  • Swine farms
  • Industrial workshops, textile mills, commercial buildings