Environment and climate control equipment plays an important role in poultry and livestock houses ventilation as the required temperature and ventilation is crucial to your animals’ well being. To choose the ideal ventilating and cooling system for your poultry keeping farms will help to improve the living condition of your birds and further increase your benefit.

Hammer drop fans are negative pressure fans which are composed of blades, motor, galvanized steel frames or stainless steel frames, steel protection nets, steel shutters. Such ventilation fans are driven by motors and generate large air volume to evacuate the indoor air and allow fresh air in.

Main application of hammer drop ventilation fans:

  • To evacuate inside air of industrial workshops and serve as air exchange equipment
  • To work with evaporative cooling pads system
  • To work independently as cooling fans in factory mills
  • Widely applied in poultry houses, pig farms, greenhouses ventilating and cooling system

Hammer Drop Ventilation Fans Technical Parameters

Model Blade Diameter(mm)Motor Rotation Speed(r/min)Volume (m3/h)Power(kw)Dimensions (mm)
BFH 600500140057000.37620*620*400
BFH 8007101400350000.37800*800*400
BFH 900750140018000.55900*900*400
BFH 10009001400230000.551000*1000*400
BFH 110010001400325000.751100*1100*400
BFH 122011001400380001.11220*1220*400
BFH 138012501400440001.11380*1380*400