Proper ventilation and cooling is important no mater for poultry houses, labor orientated workshops or factories. We provide a variety of ventilation exhaust fans, including box ventilation exhaust fans, cone fans, fiber glass ventilation fans.

Ventilation exhaust fans are widely used in livestock farms, poultry houses, greenhouses as well as industrial factory workshops.

Ventilation fans can work independently or work together with evaporative cooling pads system to bring down the inside temperature of workshops, poultry farms, barns, greenhouses and other places where a large amount of heat is required to rid in hot weather.

Compared with mechanical air conditioning system, wall-mounted ventilation exhaust fans combing with honeycomb cooling pads system is less costly but equally efficient.

Workshops and factory ventilation solutions:

  • Box push pull ventilation exhaust fans
  • Box hammer drop ventilation fans
  • RFP panel fans
  • Cone fans
  • Evaporative cooling pads
  • Industrial air coolers

Poultry and livestock farms ventilation solutions:

  • Box ventilation fans
  • RFP cone fan
  • Galvanized steel frame cone fans
  • Honeycomb cooling pads

Kindly contact us for your special ventilation solution proposals.