To obtain ideal and proper ventilation and cooling is crucial for poultry keeping houses. Hot weather can severely impact poultry birds performance. Please pay close attention to the environment control in poultry house ventilation when hot season comes. We help to recommend you the workable ventilating exhaust fans, evaporative cooling pads and environment climate control system for your poultry projects.

One-stop service for your poultry houses ventilation solution is provided, including ventilation exhaust fans, complete evaporative honeycomb cooling pads system, curtain and environment climate controller.

How to use the pads and fans cooling system effectively for the poultry farms ventilation?

  • Turning on the cooling pads system is to control the farm inside temperature in a workable range instead of reducing the temperature sharply
  • When the inside temperature is lowed than 26 Celsius degree, no need to further reducing the temperature in your poultry houses
  • Before starting the cooling pads system, it is suggested to use the ventilation exhaust fans installed on the opposite side of the pads wall to cool the ambient temperature
  • When the poultry house cooling pads system starts working, the cool air shall not face the chickens directly. The staff can help to adjust the cold air direction by air guide plates or other device to change the wind direction.
  • When the cooling pads system begins running, the temperature difference between the two ends of the poultry farms should be less than 2 Celsius degree by proper use of ventilation exhaust fans. If 4 sets of ventilation fans can work down the temperature, no need to start the 5 fifth fan in order to minimize the air cooling effect on chicken flocks.
  • To check the sealing of air inlets of your poultry houses when the evaporative cooling pads starts working to avoid heat stress in some certain area due to incomplete sealing.
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