Proper ventilation system for pig farms will help to exhaust the harmful gas, adjust the temperature inside and also improve swine growth. Whether mechanical ventilation should be adopted in the pig barns, it is subject to the pig barn sizes.

For large-scaled pig barns, where natural ventilation for the pig farms is not workable and mechanical ventilation for pig barns shall be introduced.

Negative pressure ventilation system, the most popular way of pig farm ventilation, combines the ventilation exhaust fans and evaporative cooling pads to evacuate the waste gas out and allow more fresh air into the pig barns. After installing the negative pressure pig barn ventilation and cooling system, it will bring more fresh air into the swine farms and control the humidity and temperature levels and further reduce the swine illness especially in hot weather.

Hot temperature and poor ventilation in the pig farms will greatly impact the swine growth and performance. We have developed high anti-corrosive performance ventilation fans to run for long time in pig houses.

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