When hot summer comes, the workers especially engaged in labor intensive working condition cannot bear the heat. Proper ventilation in the workshops is important. When mechanical air conditioning is costly, industrial ventilation fans and evaporative cooling pads will be an economic choice to exhaust the heat out and bring more cool and fresh air into to improve the working conditions.

And for those factories like rubber making, leather making and shoes mills, where odor is heavy, industrial ventilation exhaust fans are widely installed to evacuate the smell from the workshops.

We manufacture various wall-mounted industrial ventilation exhaust fans for industrial workshop, warehouses and building ventilation use. Box ventilation fans, RFP fans known as fiber glass exhaust fans and cone fans are good choice for industrial workshop ventilation.

Where wall-mounted ventilation fans are not workable for your buildings, for example no space left to install the industrial ventilation blowers on the walls, we recommend the roof- mounted ventilation fans for your consideration.