Who We Are

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of ventilation cooling equipment for livestock and industrial application in China. Box ventilation exhaust fans, cone fans, RFP fans and evaporative cooling pads manufactured by Qingdao Wincom Industrial Limited are widely used in poultry farms, barns, pig houses as well as industrial workshops, commercial buildings etc.

Proper ventilation and cooling required for houses designed for both agricultural and industrial purpose is important. The ventilation will keep fresh air coming in to create a comfortable and friendly environment for both animals and workers. Besides, the heat, odor and waste gas will be evacuated out from the buildings.

The installation of wall mounted exhaust fans, ventilation fans and shutter fans in poultry farms, swine farms, barns, greenhouses and factory workshops will help to improve the air exchange and air flow indoors and outdoors to provide a fresh and cool condition.

In some farms, especially swine barns and some poultry keeping houses, the environment is corrosive and polluted, the ventilation fans which can run under harsh condition is preferred among end users. In past stainless blades and frames and hot galvanized steel fans are widely used; recent days, RFP or fiber glass ventilation exhaust fans are getting popular thanks to its better anti-corrosive performance.


Professional Supplier

Our goal is to increase and improve the ventilating and cooling efficiency of your poultry houses, pig barns and workshops by minimizing the cost and maximize the performance.

Our company has more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying poultry and livestock ventilation and cooling equipment. It has provided technical and commercial service to more than 15 countries regarding ventilation fans, evaporative cooling pads system and other related equipment in past 10 years.