Evaporative cooling pads system uses natural evaporation to bring down the air temperature. Initially, water is circulated from the water tank on to the top cooling pads which becomes wet. At same time ventilation exhaust fans extract hot air from outside through the moistened pad. As the hot air passes through the pad the air is cooled by water evaporation.

Wincom offers the required honeycomb cooling pads to cater to different customers’ need in evaporative cooling pads system. From 7090, 7060 to 5090 model cellulose cooling pads, all sizes and dimensions available in the market can be customized in our factory. Our 10 years’ experience in evaporative honeycomb cooling pads production ensures you the most cost-effective products.

Supply ability with 300 cubic meters daily capacity of honeycomb evaporative cooling pads.

  • 3 production lines of 7090 cooling pads
  • 2 production lines of 5090 cooling pads
  • 1 production line of 6090 cooling pads

#7090 honeycomb cooling pads with angle configuration 45/45 and flute height 7mm. Widely used for livestock, poultry or greenhouse ventilation due to its moderate air face velocity design.

# 5090 evaporative cooling pads with 45/45 angle configuration and 5mm in flute height. Designed for air coolers, desert coolers and portable home use coolers.

The sizes of the cooling pads will be customized as per customer’s requirement.

Honeycomb cooling pads features:

  • Use of space cross link technology, with high absorbing performance
  • Our cooling pads does not contain phenol which would cause skin allergy
  • Use 100% wood pulp paper and guaranteed quality for 5 years service life
  • East maintenance of evaporative cooling pads system

Technical Specifications of Cellulose Cooling Pads:

Type Material Angle ɑ/βFlute HeightSizes 
709095 gsm paper45/457 mmL: max 2000mm W: max 800mm 
706095 gsm paper45/15 or 30/307 mmL: max 2000mm W: max 800mm
609095 gsm paper45/456 mmL: max 2000mm W: max 800mm
509095 gsm  paper45/455 mmmax width 1100mm