Made from 100% wood pulp paper, evaporative cooling pads, also called honeycomb cooling pads or cellulose cooling pads, are efficient cooling media used to cool the temperature in poultry farms, swine breeding and industrial workshops where large amount of heat need to be extracted in hot seasons thanks to its cost-effective performance compared to mechanical air conditioning equipment.

Evaporative cooling pads has three main types in terms of flute height difference, 7090, 6090 and 5090, of which 7090 cooling pads are widely used in greenhouse and livestock sector, including poultry farms, swine pens and 5090 evaporative cooling pads are specially designed for industrial air coolers.

Why choose us?

Use high quality paper material: 100% wood pulp paper

High-adhesive glue: no spit in use, support boiling test

Longer service life: evaporative cooling pads with 2-YEAR guarantee period

Various types and sizes are available

Brown cooling pads and colored evaporative cooling pads are available