Evaporative cooling pads are made of a special grade of kraft paper and processed with cross-sectional fluted method to form bee-hive structure cooling pads system which are widely used in poultry houses, greenhouses and workshops to cool down the ambient temperature in hot seasons thanks to its high cooling efficiency.

Compared with mechanical air conditioning, evaporative cooling pads system is cost effective, eco-friendly, and available in customized sizes, no need to mention its low maintenance and operation cost.

There are typical two types of cooling pads in respect of flute height, i.e. 7mm flute and 5 mm flute, the former one is more widely used in agri-engineering area such as poultry farms, greenhouse and 5 mm fluted cell cooling pads are designed for evaporative air coolers also known as industrial air coolers or desert air coolers.

Honeycomb cooling pads system is widely used in poultry keeping industry and swine farms because of its high cooling efficiency and low running cost. Evaporative cooling pads system can work independently or combine working with negative pressure ventilation exhaust fans. Complete cooling pads system is provided including cooling cell pads, pipes and accessories, pumps and cooling pads frames.

Coated cooling pads are preferred among some users because the black coated or green coated edges are easily to clean and wash off dust.