Box ventilation exhaust fans are getting widely used in poultry house, pig farms, barns and various industrial workshops where lots of heat or odor need to be removed to improve the environment. Thanks to its big air volume and compact design, box fans can be easily installed on the walls of farms or workshops or greenhouses.

We manufacture various box fans to cater to your needs, ventilation fans air volume ranging from 5700 to 55800 m3/h. Blade diameter differs from 30″,36″,40″,44″,50″ to 56″.

Where a lot amount of ventilation is needed, galvanized box fans are widely used, such as in poultry barns, greenhouses and factory workshops. Thanks to their aerodynamic design, these fans generate high air output with low energy consumption. The box frames of the fans allow them easily to be fixed in walls. The shutters of the fans open and close automatically and further protect the fans from dust and water outdoor.

Technical Specifications

Model Blade Diameter(mm)Motor Rotation Speed(r/min)Volume (m3/h)Power(kw)Dimensions (mm)
BFP 900 (36″)9001400220000.751000*1000*450
BFP1400 (56″)14001400558001.51530*1530*450

Features of box ventilation fans

  • Anti-corrosive galvanized steel material
  • 430 stainless steel blades
  • Motors are water and dust resistant (IP 54 or IP55)
  • Copper motors with 2-Year guarantee
  • Mitsuboshi V belts
  • BBS bearing
  • Siemens motors or China renown brand motors

We recommend you to combine the use of ventilation exhaust fans and evaporative cooling pads to keep the ideal cool temperature at your houses. For enclosed poultry or swine houses, every 4 to 5 square meters of evaporative cooling pads shall be equipped with one set fan.