Ventilation exhaust fans are normally installed at the downwind direction outside of industrial workshop windows to extract and exchange air, which are widely adopted in factories, workshops, poultry and livestock farms as well as greenhouses

Ventilation fans also can be equipped together with evaporative cooling pads and used as fan-pad cooling system to bring down the temperature below 30 ℃ in hot summer for your workshops and provide fresh air at same time.

Applied places of negative pressure ventilation exhaust fans

  • for workshops with high temperature or strong odor, such as thermal treatment plants, casting mills, plastic making factories, shoes making factories, leather making mills, dying mills and chemical products workshops
  • labor intensive places, like garments and textile mills
  • greenhouses, poultry and livestock farms
  • places where both temperature drop and humidity is required, such as cotton spinning mills, wool spinning mills, weaving workshops etc.
  • warehouse and logistics areas