Our evaporative cooling pads are made from special cellulose paper and are specially designed to provide best cooling performance, low pressure drop and longer service life.

Evaporative cooling pads are also called honeycomb cooling pads which are specially treated to resist moss and corrosion.

We manufacture different sizes replacement honeycomb cooling pads for industrial air coolers, evaporative air coolers, desert air coolers available in the market, the maximum width could reach 1100mm. Our evaporative cooling pads are eco-friendly, energy saving and economically affordable when used in an air cooler as evaporative cooling media with no emissions generated.

Our 5090 cellulose cooling pads are designed for evaporative air cooler application with 5mm flute height and 45/45 angle to provide best water absorption ability and maximum cooling performance. It is available in brown, blue, green, and yellow color as per specific requirement.

Odorless and eco-friendly cooling pads can be customized to cater to end user’s need.